18% automatic gratuity added to all checks in bar and dining room.

Fall & Winter Specials

Pollo Con Marmellata di Pomodori e Mozzarella

(Chicken with tomato jam and mozzarella)
Thin and crispy breaded chicken, salty and semi sweet tomato jam, soft mozzarella, fresh basil.


Ravioli di zucca

Butternut squash ravioli with pumpkin sage bolognese.



Ricotta Montata

Sweet and salty Whipped ricotta, marinated olives, pickled onion, citrus zest, herbs, olive oil, warm focaccia.


La Zuppa di Pollo

The chicken soup! This is the chicken soup you’ve heard about. Healing, warming, delicious and satisfying. Simmered for hours In our very special blend of fresh herbs and spices for healing properties. Not only is it delicious, but it’s an immune booster, sickness fighter, and over all wellness concoction. This is the best chicken soup in the business; try it and see!



EVERY DAY BREADS. (Served with one spread, sweet garlic confit butter, herb butter, or apricot pistachio jam with fresh rosemary. All 3 spreads $8 individual add on spreads $4.)

Italiano classico

Hard crusty exterior, softer chewy interior, semi salty, filling and satisfying.

$5 Two Cuts | $8 Loaf


Hard crusty exterior, softer chewy interior, semi salty, filling and satisfying.

$5 Two Cuts | $9 Half Loaf | $18 Whole Loaf


Tableside Caesar Salad

Creamy House made Caesar, chopped romaine, focaccia croutons, shaved Parmesan, black pepper, prepared and served to you table-side.


Heirloom Tomato Burrata

Heirloom Tomatoes, burrata, pesto cream, pickled onion, olive oil, sea salt, balsamic drizzle.



Tartufo Di Parmigiano

Parmesan truffle: Herbed butter crust, Parmesan cream, black truffle essence, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, and balsamic fig drizzle. This pizza was crafted to take your taste buds on an adventure. You’re experiencing truffle, with Parmesan, savory herbs, and semi-sweet sun-dried tomato and complimenting those flavors with the acidity of the onion and the balsamic fig glaze.


Margherita Classica

Our crafted Margherita Pizza. 
 Our house dough infused with Peroni beer, ten-hour marinara, fresh mozzarella, garden basil, sea salt, and sweet herb butter crust.



Herbed butter crust, ten hour marinara, pesto cream, chopped dates, honey, fresh mozzarella, sea salt.


La Pizza Newyorkese

Crispy thin crust, shredded mozzarella, marinara, honey garlic butter crust.



Amore e Piante

Vegan herbed butter crust, lemon herbed cashew ricotta, sun-dried tomato, sliced avocado, arugula, balsamic drizzle. 


Margherita Classica

Classic Margherita Pizza
Classic crust, ten-hour marinara, cashew ricotta, fresh gardin basil, sea salt.


Fresh made pasta

(Served with bread, garlic confit, and herbed butter)

Pollo A-P 1996

Chef’s chicken Parmesan Alfredo. This recipe is from all the way back in 1996. Thin hand pounded breast of chicken, breaded and flash fried crispy, then baked in our house made marinara, soft imported mozzarella cheese, then smothered in our creamy Alfredo sauce to finish it. Served with your choice of fettuccini Alfredo, penne ala vodka or any pasta in marinara. Every bite satisfies, this recipe has been pleasing people for over 25 years!


Tortino di Spaghetti e Formaggio

(spaghetti pie) (baked and cut like a pie)
A blend of Spaghetti, ricotta, garlic butter, Parmesan cream, herbs and marinara, baked deep dish and topped with soft melted mozzarella. This comfort dish is transportive, like walking home in cold fall air from the school bus, arriving home hungry to a house filled with the scent of sautéed butter and garlic, the safety and comfort of home cooked food and the satisfaction in every bite of warm, gooey, rich and crispy tastes that warm your body and comfort your soul.


Forma di Formaggio Fettuccine Alfredo

Cheese Wheel Fettuccini Alfredo.
(prepared and served tableside)
Fresh made fettuccini, creamy and rich Alfredo sauce, parsley. Mixed table side in a Romano cheese wheel. Cheesy, creamy, salty warm and satisfying comfort food. Come for the show, stay for the food! There’s nothing like watching your fresh made pasta being mixed with piping hot cream sauce inside a giant wheel of Romano cheese and served directly to you! Our table side plating is a bit of a show and a bit of perfection as you watch the cheese and butter melt into your pasta, right to your plate and then right to your mouth.


Penne assolute alla vodka Absolute penne ala vodka

Penne Rigate, absolute vodka sauce, sautéed with prosciutto, black pepper and red onion. The best vodka sauce you’ve ever had or we’ll make you another one until it’s the best you’ve ever had!


Gnocchetti al pesto

Gnocchi with pesto.
Fresh made gnocchi sautéed in Parmesan pesto cream, finished with Romano cheese fresh basil and finely chopped sun dried tomatoes. Soft and semi chewy, stick to your guts. Rich and creamy, herby and salty. This dish pairs well with a glass of sauvignon blanc or Pinot noir. This is a great dish for conversations with loved ones, sharing memories of great times and making new ones. Dumplings are meant to bring joy and a glowing satisfaction. Fill your belly and your heart over a plate of gnocchi.


Tortellini tricolori in crema di parmigiano

Tricolor cheese tortellini sauteed with sundried tomatoes, sweet yellow onion, garlic and snow peas in our creamy home made Alfredo sauce and garnished with fresh edible flowers and greens. Stick to your guts, satisfying, creamy, rich and delicious. Served with house made garlic bread.


Manzo alla bolognese

Slow cooked beef bolognese over pappardelle.
You can taste generations of love and care that have brought these recipes from another continent and passed them down from generations all the way to the bite on your fork. Tender beef, slow cooked for hours with fresh herbs, garlic, wine and spices. Stirred together with tomatoes and onions and generously spooned over fresh made pappardelle pasta, dusted with freshly grated Romano cheese, toasted sage, and pine nuts. Cold fall or winter evenings call for plates like this. The flavors, warmth and satisfaction of this dish bring on feelings of happiness, family, community and good cheer. This is a perfect plate to start or end a night with fiends and loved ones.


Spaghetti al Pomodoro con Burrata

Fresh-made spaghetti, ten-hour marinara, shallots, garlic,  tomatoes, olive oil, burrata on top, fresh basil, shaved Romano. A true old meets new classic. There is nothing more simple or classic than spaghetti when it comes to Italian food. This dish brings out all the best flavors of Italian cooking, perfect spaghetti, soft savory cheese, fresh herbs, olive oil, chunky flavorful tomatoes, garlic, and shallots. If Italian comfort food had a mascot, this plate would be it. Good to the last bite, wipe the plate clean with our homemade bread. This is Italian food, this is love on a plate.



Linguine, garlic confit, butter, wine, Romano, pepper, chopped and whole clams, lemon, and fresh herbs. This is the basis of a family dish, linguine with clams (white) that generations have loved. Nonna made many versions of this dish, some with clams, some with a mix of shellfish or other fish, but this is her best version, a beautiful rendition of linguini in white clam sauce. Sop up every last drop with our homemade focaccia and feel the afterglow.



(A selection of warm homemade pies and gelato)

Rosemary Balsamic Apple Pie

Served with vanilla gelato with strawberry balsamic glaze.


Brown Sugar Bourbon Pecan

Served with vanilla gelato with fresh caramel.