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molto bene Italiano

About Bread & Stone

Bread and Stone is a curated selection of the greatest hits of Italian cuisine. Our founders spent two years visiting and dining in over 100 of the most celebrated Italian restaurants in America and traveled abroad to Italy for a food tour. All of this was in the pursuit of finding the home run, greatest hits moments, the best of what Italian cuisine offers, and what customers crave the most. The end result of this study was the creation of bread and stone, a menu, atmosphere, cocktail bar, and entertainment designed specifically and curated to be the best of the best of the best. Cozy and warm, happy and celebratory, romantic, hip, and, more importantly delicious.

We feature Artisan hand-crafted Italian cuisine and cocktails. Home-made specialty breads, pasta, and gourmet Neapolitan pizza baked on a 500-year-old stone. Crafted exotic cocktails (Italian Ice, Pistachio Cream Pie cocktails) and a sommelier selected wine list. Live accordion and singing, all staged in an intimate vintage New York City building that has operated since the 1800s. A cozy candlelit atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing and happy experience for couples, families, or even businesses.

Wow-factor and Instagram moments abound with our table side preparation of the house Caesar salad and cheese wheel fettuccine Alfredo. Guests may request or dedicate a special song (any genre) performed old-school style by our house accordion player. Bread and Stone brings a new luxury to Italian dining.

You may have had it before, but you’ve never had it like this